Recent events involving legislation in New York and Virginia are part of our national conversation on the question of life and related matters. These are certainly not insignificant matters. In that light we will be entertaining a discussion group to look at these questions from an evangelical Christian perspective.
Why are we doing this? We live in a world of sound bites. This situation is clearly inadequate and contributes nothing to a rich understanding of a subject. Thus an introduction accompanied by a discussion time will increase everyone’s understanding.
On four Saturday mornings at the Panera at Polaris, from 9:00-10:00 a.m. we will cover four topics:

1. A foundation for Christian ethics (Feb 23)
2. Exploring the Christian pro-life ethic (March 2)
3. Exploring the Christian abolition/anti-slavery ethic (March 9)
4. Exploring the Christian sexual morality ethic (March 16)

Each time will consist of a half-hour presentation and about a half-hour of discussion.

You are invited if you are
a) a skeptic who wants a to understanding of the Christian worldview
b) a person who just wants to understand better the Christian ethic

You are not invited if you are (a) a skeptic who is on a mission to disrupt or (b) a Christian who wants to preach at people (If either of these conditions is met you will be kindly asked to leave and not return.)

This is a time for interaction and civil discourse. Come and have a good conversation. You will find me on the west wall with a small sign on a table. I’m looking forward to seeing you.