Motivation and Structure

My goal for this effort is to support believers through the local church. So often parachurch ministry efforts end up being an individual or small group creating an independent organization that, at least it seems, accomplishes little. These little fiefdoms begin with the best of intentions, but in terms of motivation and ministry. But often they lack the focus and cooperation with others that might lead to better fruit.

My goal is first to not interfere with the ministry of the local church. If a church wishes me to come and teach on these questions of science and the scripture I will do so at cost. That means if it is local to Columbus the trip and the time will be for free. I would also wish to sit down with the pastor and any other leaders as necessary to be certain that what I do is a fit with the life and theology of the fellowship.

If I come to your local church I will provide all of the printed materials for the group. At least I’ll do that up to 30 participants. After that I’ll ask the fellowship to make additional copies. I have put no copyright on my printed matter.


Every apologist out there has certain areas of expertise.  The popular discussions today tend toward the philosophical. Unfortunately that’s a subject which many in the church cannot take into daily living even though the topic fascinates almost everyone who listens. There are two topics that I would bring, both of which provide the hearer with a take-home application.  These are the questions of science and the questions that revolve around Christian ethics.

The science question is not the popular “disprove evolution” theme. The subject that I cover is the nature of science and inclues the principle of disproving theories and models.  This includes a discussion of the question of naturalism and its place in scientific theory.  The product of this seminar is to give the student, the teacher, and the scientist the tools needed to frame his/her work and studies in such a way as to be able to participate with a clear conscience.  The seminary will take 3 hours and is suitable for a Saturday morning.

Ethics is the questions of those principles that govern our behavior. There are multiple ethical systems. Some of these the Christian can work with and others that the Christian cannot work with.  We will go over these in general. But we don’t leave it there. These ethical foundations have born fruit over the centuries as they do currently. We can give legs to these principles so that the participant can more thoughtfully and consistently live a godly life and participate in the world around.  They also provide fruit for discussion especially with the problems we face today. These include

statism vs libertarianism
life vs utility
the question of war, peace, and pacifism
Marxism, fascism, communism, and capitalism
… and others

This seminar will also cover about 3 hours and is suitable for a Saturday morning.

Pulpit Supply

I am also available for pulpit supply as needed. My approach is exegetical and educational.

Doctrinal Statement

I am trinitarian in theology proper, dispensational in eschatology, and Calvinistic in soteriology. Please note that I am not rabid in the second and third points.  I also bring some influence from a background in Conservative Baptist, Evangelical Free, and Mennonite Brethren. What has developed from this is that my view of a mature believer is one who is patient, peaceable, evangelistic, a learner/listener, and a teacher.