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Star Trek: Andromeda

Star Trek: Andromeda Yesterday’s Yesterday Outline Part 1    Regathering Data & Geordi meet Andromeda identifies anomaly Data & Geordi go through anomaly Andromeda takes on Data & Geordi Data and Geordi are introduced to Andromeda’s systems Data and Geordi...


The Marketplace is Open!

Ok, so there's just one item listed for sale. Don't worry -- there will be more. They'll come in my favorite categories: Books, woodworking, and photography. So go ahead and look. Things will add up quickly. Just click on Marketplace in the top menu and you are...

Book Review

Three Books

I wanted to call this piece “Three Books on Racism” but it really isn’t. The books are about Marxism and social manipulation. Then again, calling it “Three Books on Marxism” would scare a lot of people away. And to some it would be misleading as the topic of...

Book Review: Fault Lines by Voddie Baucham

To say that there is division in the church on the question of critical race theory (aka CRT) is to understate in a way that only the British might appreciate. The division is deep. The division is serious. And the division shows few signs of abatement. What is at...

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The Novice Woodworker

Or, Getting out of the “Not Really Good Enough” Rut I have been at it about 6 years now. As a hobby it can be rewarding. It is always satisfying to see a quality piece finished for home, family, or friends. You know the sensation. It is more than just a feeling. It...

Making Utility Look Good

This week's woodworking project: Canning shelves. 2x4 (inexpensive white lumber) posts were first cut square. Then the width was face-jointed, followed by adding a shaped corner with the router. The dados allowed a shelf to be held up without the need for extra...


Why Biblical Theology is Not Enough

It seems like it has been around forever -- the idea of just studying the Bible and letting things fall into place. It is how most Bible study groups behave. It allows for an inclusiveness that transcends denominational and theological barriers. That's a good thing,...

Worship Is a Relationship

The way He wants us to worship Him, not the way we want to worship Him. What is this relationship? In a loving and committed relationship we serve each other. That's the normal behavior of all of us. Is you friend hurting? You put your arm around him or her. Sometimes...


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A Picture of Apologetics

The first title I thought of was “Make Apologetics Great Again” but that really didn’t seem appropriate. The topic of apologetics has been on the upswing for the past two centuries. While apologetics has always been a part of theology the past few decades has seen a...



Factions, Ignorance, and Issues

It’s easy to blame revivalism and the “Second Great Awakening” for many of the problems in evangelical and even fundamental Christianity. The movements took us into anti-intellectualism and radical individualism. They turned us into something other than confessional...

Two Books for Elder Training

During the mid and late 1970s the church were I fellowshipped was making to bold move toward multiple elder leadership and away from the senior pastor structure. It was a bold move at the time. Other local church pastors of the same association took offense to this...




The Christian Mind in a Contrary Culture

Some History of the Ideas That Affect Our View of the World and of God’s Workings Introduction This is my perspective regarding the place and implementation of clarified discernment in my own Christian life and in my field of ministry.  It encompasses my motivations...