We were told the movie was fun. So, we went to see it last evening. Free Guy is what you get when you combine The Matrix, Inception, and The Truman Show in a blender and wait for whatever might come out. It contains all of their core components. Most of them are negative.

To be fair, it does have a few positive moments. The cute romantic ended was done tastefully. But there’s not much more than that to speak of.

This is not a movie for Christian young people. Like so much of the material that comes out of Hollywood it is a piece of educational material. It’s really gay. Two times they present men sexually touching other men as humorous. Add to that the vocal intonations and you’ve got both plot and subtext components that contribute to the educational goal of normalization.

There’s something else. At the core is the idea that reality is what you perceive. We might be in the real world and we might be in a world that doesn’t really exist. The world is thus what you want it to be in your mind. This concept is core to the homosexual movement. The concept of gender is a matter of one’s perceptions about one’s self. The physical world, biology, is set aside. What matters is the world of the mind. Free Guy would be much less educational without this component.

There is the standard Hollywood slur against God and the concept of sin. Those things are almost normative for Hollywood.

The writers & directors couldn’t leave out a slam about white privilege. That’s the day we live in.

The depiction of children using the foulest of language is a horrible thing.

There is a lot of sexual reference both by innuendo and in the plain language. This is hardly suitable for the adult.

On the more philosophical side is the concept of a secret knowledge that only a few possess. That secret knowledge is the path to freedom from the constraints that the world we now perceive places on us. Possessing and then acting on this secret knowledge sets us free. That is known as Gnosticism, a cult of knowledge and special privilege.

There is, of course, an implicit contradiction in all this. On the one hand they rail against white privilege while on the other they create a new, superior class that lives according to special knowledge and perceptions. Don’t think of the cultural Marxists as trying to actually eliminate social classes. They do not intend to do so. Their goal is the restructuring of class.

Guy is a nice guy. That is, if you think creating the emasculated male is what makes for a nice guy. The same goes for the remainder of the positively-presented male characters. The negative characters were strong and violent, filling the popular definition of toxic masculinity. Just one more gay element in the subtext.

In summary, this film will be seen by too many. It is not worthy of the Christian.