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Acts 19 Evangelism

While Apollos was at Corinth, Paul passed through the interior and came to Ephesus. There he found some disciples and asked them “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became believers?” “No,” they answered, “we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.”...


New Book Announcement

Coming in Spring 2018 is my first publication, tentatively entitled "The Myth of Scientific Certainty, an Apologetic Regarding Scientific Structures." It is an exploration into the structure of scientific theories, the structure and arguments of various scientists,...

Book Review

Review: William Lane Craig’s “God Over All”

If you’re a philosopher this work is a useful tool even outside of the primary theological concern. You will get a good handle on the abstract objects question along with some useful points for resolving it. Likewise if you are a heavyweight in theology this work can help you do better theology and even help you be more aware of some things which taint our understanding.

Two Books for Elder Training

During the mid and late 1970s the church were I fellowshipped was making to bold move toward multiple elder leadership and away from the senior pastor structure. It was a bold move at the time. Other local church pastors of the same association took offense to this...

Christianity & Society

The American Cult

There has been a lot of talk of cults lately. The language that describes a “Trump cult” has been popular among political pundits, both professional and amateur. The accusation is that people will follow him mindlessly, like automatons, without question and without...

The American Hot Box

“Hot Box” is the term to describe the situation when a group studies everything from a singular perspective. It’s a situation where few options exist outside of those provided. Of course the implementation of a hot box varies from one situation to another, but always...

Christianity vs Mobs

It is clear that President Trump did not incite the riot and invasion of the capitol building. His language was clear, that they should cheer on Congress and go home peacefully. That's a fact.   People died in D.C. Many died during the Obama years when the mob...


Two Kingdoms vs the RFRA

Mea culpa.  I took the bait. I reacted rashly.  You can see it in my tweets.  It's not that I was "wrong" so much as misdirected.  That's what seems to be at issue. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, RFRA, is a good thing in my opinion.  It gives local legs to its...

The Question of Morality Without God

This inquiry begins with a question: Does natural law bear moral authority? Is it possible to find in the nature of things created any sort of moral imperative that would bring about human flourishing? The answer seems both simple and complicated. This post is will...


One Reason to Have and Use a Block Plane

Some people think of woodworking as an either-or proposition. Either everything is done with power tools or everything is done with hand tools. Hand tools give your work a character that can't be replicated. There are so many things that one can do manually that power...



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The Systematic, Evangelical Mind

This is standard for all orthodoxies. No naturalismist constructs an apologetic for YEC, OEC, or TE. They just don’t. These are called “belief systems.” It seems silly to have to say that, but it seems Mr. Enns missed something really basic.


On Frameworks of Scientific Inquiry

Philosophy of science, like any other area, struggles with both method and framework. The methods side of the equation is most familiar to us. These are the questions of how theories are best constructed. That is where I have spent most of my time. The challenges are...


An Introduction

This effort is about apologetics that makes a difference in daily living. The emphasis is on science and ethics and the venue for teaching these is the local church. The science discussion is geared toward students (secondary & later), teachers, and scientists. The ethics discussion is for everyone. Read also for my doctrinal statement and other matters of importance.


How a “Fake News” Item Fits a Narrative-Driven Scenario

What if the narrative of the echo chamber is wrong? What if there is another narrative which explains the facts better? Education is the challenge of conservative media. The apocalyptic message of some will distract us from the goal of preparing the people. Conservatism is best when it takes the offensive. A defensive posture will always lose.



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