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Book Review

Book Review: Live Not by Lies

I’m going to attempt to cover the intent of this work fairly though I will employ some of my own terminology and phrasing. It should be consistent with Mr. Dreher’s intent. His previous popular work, The Benedict Option, bothered me. It bothered me because I saw it as...

Movie Review: Knives Out

Knives Out is a comedy with that features a cast of players in roles that will surprise you. Those of us who enjoyed True Lies may not recognize Jamie Lee Curtis. Daniel Craig attempts a southern accent. Christopher Plummer and Frank Oz are recognizable for their...

Christianity & Society

The American Cult

There has been a lot of talk of cults lately. The language that describes a “Trump cult” has been popular among political pundits, both professional and amateur. The accusation is that people will follow him mindlessly, like automatons, without question and without...


A Time for Discussing Christian Ethics

Recent events involving legislation in New York and Virginia are part of our national conversation on the question of life and related matters. These are certainly not insignificant matters. In that light we will be entertaining a discussion group to look at these...


The Novice Woodworker

Or, Getting out of the “Not Really Good Enough” Rut I have been at it about 6 years now. As a hobby it can be rewarding. It is always satisfying to see a quality piece finished for home, family, or friends. You know the sensation. It is more than just a feeling. It...

Making Utility Look Good

This week's woodworking project: Canning shelves. 2x4 (inexpensive white lumber) posts were first cut square. Then the width was face-jointed, followed by adding a shaped corner with the router. The dados allowed a shelf to be held up without the need for extra...


Why Biblical Theology is Not Enough

It seems like it has been around forever -- the idea of just studying the Bible and letting things fall into place. It is how most Bible study groups behave. It allows for an inclusiveness that transcends denominational and theological barriers. That's a good thing,...

Worship Is a Relationship

The way He wants us to worship Him, not the way we want to worship Him. What is this relationship? In a loving and committed relationship we serve each other. That's the normal behavior of all of us. Is you friend hurting? You put your arm around him or her. Sometimes...




I plan on being at the EMNR conference 2017. "Apologetics: Handmaiden to Evangelism and Discipleship" At the New Hope Community Church in Palatine, IL on April 28-29, 2017.  See you there!


Stephen Law’s Empirical Apologetic for Atheism

The question of morality, of good and evil, is an artifact that fits better with the providential existence of God. The question of pain and pleasure, of being red in tooth and claw, fits better with naturalistic materialism. The skeptic borrows the language of the Christian to the detriment of his argument.


Recommended Reading List

Recommended Reading List

There are books and there are books.  For the Christian who wishes to understand the world around him/her it is important to get a handle on both the history and the philosophy of the past that has contributed to where we are at. Then the Christian can respond to the...


Factions, Ignorance, and Issues

It’s easy to blame revivalism and the “Second Great Awakening” for many of the problems in evangelical and even fundamental Christianity. The movements took us into anti-intellectualism and radical individualism. They turned us into something other than confessional...

Two Books for Elder Training

During the mid and late 1970s the church were I fellowshipped was making to bold move toward multiple elder leadership and away from the senior pastor structure. It was a bold move at the time. Other local church pastors of the same association took offense to this...


The Trump Years, a Review

To say that the last four years have been interesting is the greatest of understatements. President Trump has done things that no other president could or would do. Some of the things he did no other President would want to do. But whatever your opinion these have...


The Systematic, Evangelical Mind

This is standard for all orthodoxies. No naturalismist constructs an apologetic for YEC, OEC, or TE. They just don’t. These are called “belief systems.” It seems silly to have to say that, but it seems Mr. Enns missed something really basic.


Our Libertarian Problem

“Cogito ergo sum,” or “I think, therefore I am” finds the identification of self in one’s ability to think. This is more than just a philosophical speculation. It represents the independence of the individual apart from creation and apart from dominant ecclesiastical and governing authorities. You became free because your mind was free.